Speciality Chemical Manufacturers

Thermograde have many years experience in the manufacture of Speciality Chemicals and have established a worldwide customer base in the field of solid phase inorganic chemical manufacture.
For example such products as Barium Titanate ,although widely used in dielectric formulations for Capacitor and Thermistor manufacture, also have other important applications in the areas of Catalysts and Plastics manufacture whilst Potassium Titanate is widely used in Refractory , Welding and Brake Lining formulations.

Thermograde is a Speciality Chemical Manufacturer with particular expertise on Solid Phase processing using Blending and Calcining of specially selected quality raw materials to achieve the required properties for a particular application.
These products can be manufactured in an ultra fine highly reactive form using the extensive in house particle size reduction facilities available to us.

Further in house blending and packaging equipment for our speciality chemicals are naturally also at our disposal to suit customer requirements backed up by our extensive laboratory facilities.

Our facilities enable us to supply speciality chemicals for lab scale development, prototype production and right through to volume manufacture.

Many products are developed in association with our customers and of course strictest confidentiality terms are applied between all parties concerned.