Potassium Titanate Manufacturer & Supplier

Potassium titanate is a titanic acid compound that is particularly renowned for its strength, stiffness, low dielectricity and wear resistance, which makes it absolutely perfect for use in the automotive industry. You often see it used as a friction material for cars, in precision filters or being used as a reinforcing material for both plastic and metal.

But that’s not all – it can also be used for welding rod flux manufacture, thermal insulating fibre and can be featured in friction materials as well as high temperature friction composites.

For example, we use this kind of compound as a friction additive in brake linings so as to increase mechanical strength and stiffness, as well as resistance to high temperatures – obviously necessary for motorists if they don’t want their brakes to fail at inopportune moments!

Titanate compounds come with a form of titanium oxide and can be used in batteries, ceramics and electronics as well. Potassium titanate is typically available in the majority of volumes, but you can also consider nanopowder, submicron and high purity forms as well.

Here at Thermograde Process Technology, we offer a wide range of different chemical contract processing services and products, although we do typically specialise in inorganic solid state reactions at high temperatures. Our services include dispersion of powders into liquids, granulation, blending and/or mixing of solids and liquids, distillation, powder reprocessing, thermal treatment and toll manufacturing.

We’ve been working in this industry for years so are perfectly placed to help you, no matter what your particular requirements are. There are numerous benefits to coming to Thermograde for your contract processing needs, including highly efficient production processes, quicker and more efficient product mixing, and ease of raw material handling.

We work with a wide range of different business sizes and can tailor our services to suit what you need. Some of our customers prefer to use us as an extension of their own research and development facilities, while others have smaller needs where investing in equipment for themselves wouldn’t make sense or be justified. And then we have some customers who choose to outsource their entire powder processing production to us because we’re serious specialists in our field and doing so means the client doesn’t have to carry out their own risk assessments for future projects.

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