Particle Size Reduction

Contract Milling

Using its expertise in producing own label high value electro ceramic powders Thermograde can offer Particle Size Reduction or Contract Milling services for a range of substances from chemicals to minerals. The customer can be assured that as Thermograde are very familiar in working with high value powder products the need for cleanliness and good housekeeping is well understood to avoid any cross contamination between different products.

The Contract Milling / Particle Size Reduction services offered by Thermograde include preliminary crushing of large lumpy materials through to coarse grinding on impact mills to fine milling on mills with inbuilt air classification.

Pre-drying can also be carried out if feed moisture is too high.

For extreme fineness requirements Particle Size Reduction Services include the use of air micronisers or batch ball mills with ceramic liners and media for iron free grinding in both wet and dry states.

Wet grinding can be followed by filtering and tray drying to produce dry powders after dissagglomeration.

All the Contract Particle Reduction Services can be followed by further in house facilities which include blending with dry or liquid additives followed by packaging to suit individual requirements in small packs through to one tonne big bags.

With a well equipped laboratory all the usual particle characterisation tests can be carried out included Particle Size Analysis with Malvern Mastersizer.

As with other areas of their business Thermograde can undertake laboratory Contract Milling / Particle Size Reduction for quantities of just a few kilos through to pilot scale quantities and then through to production scale in 20 tonne lots and beyond.