Electroceramic Powder

Electroceramic Powder Manufacturer

Thermograde Process Technology has many years of experience in the manufacture of Electroceramic Powders exporting to many countries throughout the world.

For example Barium Titanate is widely used in electroceramics in di-electric formulations such as in Capacitor and Thermistor manufacture.
Thermograde Process Technology has many years of experience in Electroceramic Powder Manufacturer and these are solid phase processed using for example in the case of Barium Titanate a mixture of Barium Carbonate and Titanium Dioxide.

All our Electroceramic Powders are produced in an ultrafine ,highly reactive particle size distribution ideal for single crystal growth in electroceramics and for use in micro piezo devices , capacitors etc.

As an Electroceramic Powder Manufacturer we have facilities to enable us to supply for lab scale development and prototype production right through to volume manufacture of electroceramics.

Most of our Electroceramic Powders can be produced in a highly active form and we have experience in producing a wide range of materials including those listed below though we can manufacture many others and to specific requirements if needed by our customers.

Titanates Zirconates Stannates
Barium titanate
Strontium titanate
Calcium titanate
Calcium zirconate
Lithium titanate
Lanthanum titanate
Lead titanate
Magnesium titanate
Neodymium titanate
Zinc titanate
Potassium titanate
Sodium titanate
Aluminium titanate
Magnesium titanate
Barium zirconate
Strontium zirconate
Barium stannate
Calcium stannate
Bismuth stannate