Contract Blending

Having been a manufacturer of their own range of electro ceramic powders for many years and supplying worldwide markets, Thermograde appreciate the need for good housekeeping and cleanliness when Contract Blending high value materials in order to avoid any potential cross contamination with other products.

A wide range of Powder Blending equipment is available from high speed high shear units through to gentler action ribbon type blenders. Contract Powder Blending of small percentages of additives or liquids into much larger volumes can be successfully accommodated.

With a diverse range of capacities available on their Powder Blending equipment ,Thermograde can provide Contract Blending Services for small scale pilot quantities through to full scale twenty tonne batches and beyond with the ability to grow in capacity with our customers’ product sales as they develop.

Our Contract Powder Blending service is complemented by our wide range of other services which include Calcination after Contract Blending or milling prior or after the Powder Blending process.

Packaging of finished products is available in both small paper sacs through to one tonne bulk bags to suit specific Customer requirements.

Typical examples of the type of work undertaken using our Contract Blending Services as a guide are; 1. the Milling of several powder ingredients independently prior to Powder Blending with the addition of a small amount of liquid prior to packaging in 25kg bags shrink wrapped on to pallets, thus incorporating all the necessary steps required or alternatively 2. drying and subsequent calcining of filter cake materials prior to milling followed by subsequent blending prior to packing.