Chemical Contract Processing

When it comes to contract processing, it makes sense for those in the chemical industry to consider outsourcing the manufacturing of their products. Companies like us here at Thermograde Process Technology have the ability to bring out products at reduced rates because we have close relationships with suppliers of raw materials, and also have trained technicians and other members of staff at our disposal, not to mention the equipment and machinery required to carry out the jobs in question.

Contract processing is simply when a company such as yourself has something that needs to be produced and manufactured on a large scale, but you don’t have the capabilities to finish the job in-house. As such, the entire process is then outsourced to a manufacturer like Thermograde. You may often hear contract processing referred to as toll processing, or custom or contract manufacturing, but they all mean the same thing.

Another key benefit of outsourcing your processing jobs, aside from being able to bring your products to market at a reduced cost, is that we here at Thermograde are able to adjust our production levels quickly and easily, and are also able to adjust our certifications with regards to handling hazardous materials… so the job gets done a lot quicker than it might do otherwise.

We have a wealth of experience behind us, having been operating in this industry for the last 25 years, and in that time we’ve grown to be a worldwide supplier of high value bespoke products. Our reputation speaks for itself – high quality and an excellent service. We have all the equipment, machinery, staff and experience to help you fulfil your processing needs. Our contract processing arm of the business extends to grinding, emulsification, milling, agglomeration, micronisation and particle size reduction, so get in touch with us today if you’d like to find out more about what it is we can do for you.

Because we’re a privately owned company, we’re able to deliver a truly personalised and tailored service to our customers that you often don’t see in larger organisations. Our product range primarily supplies the electronic, welding and petrochemical industries with stannates, zirconates and titanates, but we also specialise in toll and custom manufacture of products that many blue chip companies use. Use our expertise to help develop your own products from initial lab tests and pilot quantity work through to full scale toll manufacture.