Calcium Titanate

An inorganic compound, calcium titanate – also often referred to as calcium titanate oxide – is a diamagnetic, colourless solid… although it can also be found in mineral form (known as perovskite) and you may well see colours because of impurities in the rock.

Perovskite itself was named after Russian mineralogist Lev Perovski and as a material it has a lot of interesting properties that can be applied in a wide variety of ways. Features in the perovskite family commonly include superconductivity, ferroelectricity, high thermopower and colossal magnetoresistance.

Where materials science is concerned, the physical properties of perovskites such as magnetoresistance, superconductivity and ionic conductivity are of particular interest, especially in the telecommunication and microelectronics sectors. What’s more, synthetic perovskites can be used – inexpensively – for high efficiency commercial photovoltaics, while it’s also been found that they can be used in the development of lasers and in light-emitting diodes thanks to their high photoluminescence efficiencies.

Calcium titanate itself has been used for all sorts of practical applications, ranging from capacitors in electronic circuits and the fabrication of ceramic condensers to radioactive waste detectors and microwave resonators. It is typically obtained through a sintering process, where particles are merged through the heating of a mixture of crystal and non-crystal materials.

Our experienced team of chemical manufacturers here at Thermograde Process Technology offers a huge range of different contract processing services and products, specialising in particular in inorganic solid state reactions at high temperatures.

We work with a variety of different calcium titanate compounds, including calcium copper titanate. Calcium titanate itself comes in powder form to be used alongside sodium and potassium titanate with welding rod fluxes, while calcium copper titanate is used in the manufacture of high dielectric constant capacitor compositions because it’s such a high purity powder and has exceptionally high relative permittivity.

Both potassium titanate and sodium titanate are often used in cored welding rod formulations to support the formation of slag, and here at Thermograde we supply calcium titanate, potassium titanate and sodium titanate coarse as welding rod powders. The oxides bond together with the titanates to help provide good slag flow and consistent arc stability.

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