Contract Calcination Services

With many years of experience in the Calcination Process , Thermograde can offer Contract Calcination for a variety of powders and filter cakes to customers’ specific requirements.

Using the technique of calcining in saggars which are ceramic containers able to withstand high temperatures, Thermograde is able to provide versatile Calcination Services for many materials not suited to other Calcining methods. For example when a product requires Calcining at a specific temperature for many hours, often referred to as the soak time, for a reaction to take place or complete.
Calcining is offered in a range of batch kilns both gas and electric fired at temperatures up to 1550 degrees centigrade with capacities of up to 1.5 tonne batch size.

Apart from the extensive production scale Calcination Services available Thermograde can also offer laboratory / pilot scale Calcining in crucibles with as little as a 200 gramme capacity or 1200 gramme kiln capacity moving up to 30kg kiln capacity with 5kg per saggar. In many cases Calcining has been fine tuned at the laboratory and pilot stage and then scaled up to full scale production in 20 tonne lots.

In combination with its Contract Calcination facilities Thermograde can also offer services prior to the Calcining Process such as tray drying and blending for example when producing new compounds via high temperature solid state reaction.

The Calcination Process can be further enhanced by providing post Calcining milling or micronising with blending and packaging to suit customer specific requirements.

Such refinements as oxygen monitoring of kiln atmospheres and electronic programmable control of kiln firing cycles and temperature profiles are also available in our Calcination Process to suit customer specifications.