Watch 3D Printing At The Design Museum

If you are looking for the best toll processing the country has to offer, then you may be interested in seeing some of the newest equipment in action. The Design Museum recently unveiled a 3D printer in one of its [...]

Manufacturing ‘Boosting Business Confidence’

Business confidence in the UK fell marginally in the first quarter of 2017, but was bolstered by a strong performance in the manufacturing sector. According to the latest Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) Credit Managers Index (CMI), manufacturing posted [...]

Fuel Cell Bipolar Principle Applied To Lithium Batteries

New research has discovered that the bipolar principle used in fuel cells can now be applied to lithium batteries. Currently, more than 50 per cent of the volume of batteries is occupied by housing and contacting structures. This means cells [...]

New Technology Could Boost Perovskite Life

Perovskite, which can be made using industrial chemicals and common metals, has been investigated as an alternative material for solar cells, but its main drawback is its instability. Now, a team of researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden, Aalto University [...]

New Battery To Supercede Lithium-Ion Versions?

One of the original inventors of the lithium-ion battery believes he has created a vastly improved battery that will take over from the popular lithium-ion versions. John Goodenough, professor at the University of Texas, led a team of engineers who [...]

EU Migrants Dominate UK Manufacturing Industry

Brake linings suppliers may be concerned about what the outcome of Brexit will bring for their staff. Over one in ten (11 per cent) of people working in the manufacturing sector are EU migrants, a recent ONS survey has shown. [...]

Global Electric Vehicle Market ‘Booming’

The worldwide market for electric vehicles (EVs) is performing very well, with manufacturers turning their attention to improving the range of their cars, as well as looking at inductive charging and recharging. Research published by Frost & Sullivan revealed that [...]

Behind The Scenes Of New Pound Coin

One place where you’ll find our refractory materials, such as potassium titanate, is in the lining of furnaces and kilns, where their high heat resistance means that they can be heated to extreme temperatures and remain in a stable form. [...]

Perovskites And The Future Of Alternative Energy

Governments all over the world are becoming increasingly concerned with their nation’s carbon footprint and how it can be reduced – and research into and development of alternative energy sources is paramount in this, helping to drive down our reliance [...]