Brexit Gridlock ‘Could Threaten Chemical Regulation’

Concerns that a ‘no deal’ scenario in Brexit negotiations could threaten chemical regulation have been voiced by the Law Society of England and Wales. The legal body recently said that reciprocal chemical regulation agreements between the UK and the EU [...]

Chemical Industry Keen For EU Link After Brexit

The role of the EU in shaping toll processing and the chemical industry as a whole is one of the many reasons key industry figures were opposed to Brexit, however, according to Chemical Watch, the Health and Safety Executive and [...]

Brexit Risks To UK Chemicals Industry Highlighted

A risk tracker compiled by a coalition of green non-governmental organisations (NGOs) has suggested that the UK’s chemicals industry is at a high risk following Brexit. Chemical Watch reported on the findings of the Greener UK Brexit risk tracker, which [...]

Safe Use ‘Top Priority’ For Chemical Manufacturers

CEFIC, the European Chemicals Industry Council, is pushing for chemical manufacturing and supply to focus on safe use rather than on individual substances. Executive director for product stewardship of CEFIC Peter Smith made this statement at a recent visit from [...]

Big Businesses Reduce Use Of Hazardous Chemicals

For many of the world’s biggest companies that rely on contract processing to procure chemicals, the idea of ‘chemical footprinting’ has moved beyond a trend into the mainstream, according to a new report. reported on the latest release from [...]

What Are The Common Causes Of Refractory Failure?

Refractory products and installation techniques used in linings are key to preventing the failure of fired heaters, incinerators, kilns and reactors across a range of industries, a recent article claims. According to Engineer Live, there are a number of common [...]