Barium Titanate Manufacturer & Supplier

An inorganic compound typically seen in white powder form, barium titanate is a ferroelectric ceramic material that you’ll find used in capacitors, nonlinear optics and electromechanical transducers like microphones.

We offer a range of different titanate powders with controlled size and chemistry. Because the particle size of these powders is ultra-fine, they are absolutely ideal for embedded polymer or ceramic laminates and thin ceramic capacitor layers. Our powders are designed to meet various electronic applications and have been used with great success in multilayer ceramic capacitors, polymer composites, electrode pastes, ceramic tapes and more. Get in touch with our experienced team if you’d like to find out more about how our powders are used and what for.

The manufacturing process of this particular powder involves a drying phase to induce soft agglomeration. These are then broken up via a process known as ball milling. However, because some of the harder agglomerates can also be found in this powder more energy may be needed so if you’re looking for nano-sized powder, the milling time may be increased, which is something to bear in mind when looking to have this process done on your behalf.

Here at Thermograde Process Technology, we use solid phase blending, calcining and micronising to produce a wide variety of different grades. Our barium titanate CP grade can be used in the formulation of fluid cracking catalysts to reduce the poisoning effects of nickel and vanadium in the hydrocarbon feedstock.

We work with companies all over the world to meet their manufacturing process needs, having been in operation since 1984. Co-founders Paul Beeston and David Cooper together have more than 50 years in the industry and have worked to expand the company to cover a huge variety of different chemical contract processing services and products. We work with and supply major companies across a range of different industries, so if you’d like to find out more about what we can do for you make sure you get in touch with us today.

Our product range primarily supplies the petrochemical, welding and electronic industries with solid state powders like stannates, zirconates and titanates. We also specialise in the toll and custom manufacture of numerous products used by blue chip companies, so don’t hesitate to give us a call no matter what job you have in mind.